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Auteur Le 7 September 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing:

1. What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

WSI’s Digital Marketing Model is a methodology that bridges insight, strategy and planning with a process for efficient execution, management and measurement.  The core deliverable is the creation of a consistent, prioritized and actionable digital marketing plan using different online channels. Our WSI Digital Marketing Consultants focus on helping our clients determine where their marketing resources should be invested and why. 

2. Why should I shift to a Digital Marketing Plan?

Digitization is the transformation of data from offline (physical) to online (digital). Media has become digitized. As you may see the trend, there is a decline in traditional advertiser’s revenue. Many advertisers are moving their offline dollars towards online digital marketing strategies in order to increase their Return on Investment (ROI) E.g. PEPSI – you might want elaborate

3. Why should I use your company?

WSI is committed to improving the profitability of its customers through the use of leading edge digital technologies, delivered by knowledgeable and service-oriented Digital Marketing Consultants. Our Consultants focus on your business growth and success. WSI is ready to effectively serve your needs with digital marketing and innovative strategies.

3. How is online brand credibility achieved?

Online credibility is achieved through highly targeted and relevant content that gives real substance to your word-of-mouth marketing. It is essential to have a sticky site that directs your visitor towards a set path focusing on conversion. It should provide the visitors quick information on your product or service.

4. Why do I need to monitor my brand?

WSI Digital Marketing Consultants provide business social media monitoring and measurement tools for different business needs. Measurement is crucial for benchmarking and tracking your success over time. Monitoring, on the other hand, lets you listen and respond to comments in real-time and protect your brand from negative word-of-mouth.

5. How can you help me with my Lead Generation?

WSI Digital Marketing Consultants focus on using online marketing tools, devices and techniques to generate interest from potential customers.

6. How can you help me to retain customers?

WSI Digital Marketing Consultants help businesses on lead nurturing strategies that results in retaining customers and enabling customer communication. We at WSI help businesses build presence, acquire customers, retain customers and manage their online reputation.


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